Why Do Meat Cleavers Have A Hole, Really?

All skillful people keep some wonderful instruments and devices with them in order to get done with their jobs more comfortably and swiftly. Similarly, a butcher will want to have good quality knives and cleavers to chop large carcasses into small pieces in no time. They want to serve their customers in the blink of an eye so they use some perfectly designed cleavers to get done with the cutting as quickly as possible.

Why do meat cleavers have a hole?

The meat cleavers are usually large in size so you cannot put them in a drawer or knife case so the hole present on their edge enables you to put them in the right place. The hole in the cleaver does not directly help you in cutting meat but makes the cutting process a bit easy for you. You can take the cleaver out of the frozen meat by hooking your finger in the hole and jerking the blade out.

It also enables you to hang the cutting instrument on a hook in order to avoid messing up the kitchen shelf. It allows the butcher to easily arrange the cleavers on a nail in the area where they do their job of chopping large carcasses of meat if they are short on space.

Moreover, they can easily access the cleavers when they are hung up on the hooks. Essentially, the uses of that mysterious hole in the cleaver are as follows:

  • Enables you to put in the right place by hanging it up
  • Allows easy access since it’s hung in plain sight
  • Keeps countertop uncluttered
  • Helps in jerking the blade out of bony/frozen meat

What is a meat cleaver used for?

A meat cleaver is a sharp tool that is used for chopping and cutting meat into pieces. The butchers use it for cutting through bones and ribs of the carcasses that much faster so they can deal with the customers in a short period of time.

It allows even the most ordinary of cooks to cut the boney meat and frozen meat or chicken without putting in too great an effort. This is not the only use of the cleaver, if you are a vegetarian and fruit lover then you can also cut big fruits and vegetables effortlessly.

A meat cleaver comes in various designs including those with a hole and without a hole. Each design has its own benefits and shortcomings.

Our Best Meat Cleaver:

Utopia Kitchen 7 Inches Cleaver Knife is the best meat cleaver which is a perfect tool for those who prefer to mince, chop or cut meat into desirable pieces and is made up of stainless steel. It comes with a hole in its upper edge and has an ergonomic handle so you can have a secure hold.

Moreover, the blade of this meat cleaver is sharp enough to cut bony meat easily, without much effort. It also enables you to use the cleaver for cutting vegetables and fruits in smooth cuts. Besides this, cleaning this kitchen meat cleaver is easy as it is dishwasher safe.

Here is where you can find some of the best meat cleavers out there.


Regardless of whether you are a butcher, a chef, or an ordinary domestic cook, the hole in a meat cleaver helps put the cleaver within easy reach and enables you to hang the tool afterward in a safe place; high and out of reach of children. It also enhances your cutting experiences as it helps you cope with the resistance offered by the bony part of the meat.

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