Summer is going to be here soon so why shouldn’t we get ready for the summer treats beforehand? Obviously, in order to enjoy a juicy and well-cooked steak or even a hamburger, you must possess a grill that can keep the meat tender and juicy. We should look for the perfect grill that can provide us the best home-cooked edition of a perfect meal. My research led me to find the best portable grills for outdoor and even indoor use. So, I narrowed down to the 10 best portable grill products which can come in handy. Here you go! Choose wisely and enjoy the summer with smoky, hot and delicious food with your family members.

Comparison Of The Best Portable Grills In 2021


Blackstone Space-Saving Design

Propane Best Overall
  • Stainless steel burners
  • 1 zone heating control
  • Fixed grease catcher
  • Portable design
  • Electric igniter

George Foreman Removable Stand

Electricity Best For Indoor/Outdoor
  • Indoor/outdoor grill
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Removable stand
  • Drip tray
  • Fully electric system

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Easy-Start

Liquid Propane Best For Tailgating
  • Sleek stylish design
  • Nylon frame
  • Cast-iron grate
  • Electronic ignition
  • Built-in thermometer

Cuisinart CCG-190RB Secure Lid Locks

Charcoal Best For Big Gatherings
  • Chrome-plated grate
  • Lightweight
  • Dual venting system
  • Three fixed-lid locks
  • Enamel coated firebox

1. Blackstone Space-Saving Design

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel burners
  • 1 zone heating control
  • Fixed grease catcher
  • Portable design
  • Electric igniter

It is best for the impatient chef who wants to get the work done in a matter of minutes without worrying about the preparation or even the clean-up of charcoal.


Material and Durability: Blackstone Table Top Grill is made of black powder-coated and stainless steel and has a cold-rolled steel cooking surface. Hence, it is durable and long-lasting. You won’t have to worry about the repairs every now and then.


Size and Capacity: This grill has a size of 260 square inches. It provides quite a large space to cook your versatile dishes.


Energy Efficiency: This grill is efficient and an energy saver as it has 1 pound propane bottles as fuel.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: This portable grill has a stainless steel “H” burner which provides uniform heat distribution and the cooking is done at a fast pace. The reason for fast cooking is the 12,000BTU heat output. However, wind can cause issues in even heating as the sides under the cooking surface are open.


Safe to Use: This grill has a very tight connection when it is hooked up to propane gas tanks. It is advisable to place it on an outdoor folding table and put it on plastic cutting boards that can withstand heat, to be safer. Also, keep the grill away from anything inflammable and turn off the gas after using it.


Ease of Usage, storage, and Cleaning: This elegant grill is easy to use as it comes with an electric igniter and uses propane bottles for fuel. It also has a grease catcher fitted in it as well. You can use this versatile grill for outdoor parties, hunting trips, camping out, road trips, etc.


It can easily be carried by hand. In order to store it, you simply have to invert the griddle on the griddle body and save storage space.


Cleaning it is also pretty easy since it has a fitted grease catcher and you only have to wipe it off using a paper towel and it will be ready for reuse.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Provides uniform heat
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use, store and clean


  • Drip tray could be bigger
  • Cooking surface not totally flat
  • Sides open under the surface, wind causes issues in even heating

2. George Foreman Removable Stand

Highlighted Features

  • Indoor/outdoor grill
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Removable stand
  • Drip tray
  • Fully electric system

George Foreman Portable Grill is very convenient to use due to its portable size and you don’t need to worry about the mess as it is powered by electricity.


Material and Durability: George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill is made of plastic. The cooking surface has a nonstick coating. It has a sturdy, removable stand. The drip tray is made of aluminum which is a food-grade metal.


Size and Capacity: This portable grill with stand has a size of 240 square inches. It has a circular grilling surface that can make more than 15 servings for large families or groups.


Energy Efficiency: It is energy efficient as it comes with a thermostat with which you can regulate the temperature accordingly. Your fuel would not be wasted as you can adjust to higher or lower temperature when needed. When the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat turns off and on which results in energy saving.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: This grill comes with an adjustable temperature control so you can choose from five different heat settings to cook a variety of food.


Safe to Use: It is very safe to use as it runs on an electric system and you can get high-quality grilling without worrying about flare-ups or the hassle to use charcoal or propane.


Ease of usage, storage, and cleaning: You can easily use it for cooking different kinds of dishes indoors or outdoors. It comes with a removable stand to carry it wherever you want. You can control moisture by opening or closing the vent in the lid. By turning the lid handle or the vent in a clockwise direction, you can open the vent for cooking drier stuff. By turning it in an anti-clockwise direction, the vent will close and the moisture would remain inside for cooking juicier meat dishes.


There is a light on the temperature control probe which will go from on to off in a cycle, helping the thermostat to maintain the proper temperature. There will be no condensation on the inside of the lid during cooking.


It is easy to store. Simply cover it with the lid to keep it safe. It is easy to clean as well as it comes with a drip tray that catches the grease and fat. You can even place a foil on top of this drip tray to keep it clean and throw away the foil later. The cooking tray should be washed by hand rather than a dishwasher.


  • Cooking surface has a non-stick coating
  • Can be used indoors/outdoors
  • Energy efficient
  • Has five different heat settings
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use and store


  • Hole for the grease drainage can get clogged
  • Cooking plate is not dishwasher safe

3.Weber 51010001 Q1200 Easy-Start

Highlighted Features

  • Sleek stylish design
  • Nylon frame
  • Cast-iron grate
  • Electronic ignition
  • Built-in thermometer

This propane grill consists of a lot of space to cook different varieties of food at the same time.


Material and Durability: Weber liquid propane grill has great sleek styling with a glass-reinforced nylon frame. The construction of the grill is of cast-aluminum so it is quite strong. It comes with porcelain-enameled cast-iron grate. There are larger grip handles and control knobs that appeal to your aesthetics. Side handles help you to handle the grill safely and easily. You also get sturdy front and rear cradles along with fold-out large-sized tables. The lid is big enough for small roasts and birds. A built-in thermometer helps you to monitor the temperature inside the grill.


Energy Efficiency: This best portable grill for camping is very fuel-conserving. It runs on LP cylinders that are disposable. An accessory of an optional LP adapter hose for 20lb tanks is available.


Heating Capability: The burner valves provide temperature control from low to high. You just have to dial in the proper heat setting with the help of the infinite control burner valve.


Safe to Use: The safety feature of a gas regulator for the burners enable you to operate it safely. Make sure the regulator is turned off when turning ‘on’ or ‘off’ a gas canister. You must wash hands after using this product as this brass material exposes you to lead which is considered by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Ease of Usage, Storage and Cleaning: The super construction of this durable and lightweight Weber grill makes its portability easy and safe. You can even use it for tailgating or camping. With an electronic ignition start and temperature control, you feel comfortable in cooking a large variety of food whether steaks, burgers, lamb chops or hot dogs. Cleaning is also hassle-free as the grate is dishwasher safe. Also, you can simply preheat the grill for 15 minutes on high heat keeping the lid closed and then use the stainless steel brush to clean the grates clean. It is easy to store but make sure you turn the propane gas canisters off.


  • Sleek stylish design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Safe start with electronic ignition
  • Regulator for safe operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy temperature monitoring
  • Easy to clean


  • Can get hot even on low settings
  • Exposure to lead can affect health

4. Cuisinart CCG-190RB Secure Lid Locks

Highlighted Features

  • Chrome-plated grate
  • Lightweight
  • Dual venting system
  • Three fixed-lid locks
  • Enamel coated firebox

Cuisinart CCG-190RB Portable Grill has a unique, small and portable design that helps you to carry it easily. It also takes up a small space which makes it more convenient to use. So, you can relish the exotic flavors with your family and friends.


Material and Durability: Cuisinart CCG-190Rb Portable Charcoal Grill has a chrome-plated cooking rack.


Size and Capacity: The size of the grill is 150 square inch which helps you cook a sufficient amount of food at one time. The measurements are 14.5 by 14.5 by 15 inches. It weighs only 2 pounds.


Energy Efficiency: This grill uses charcoal for fuel. You can also use wood along with charcoal to give a different flavor. For making two burgers, you need to use 10-15 briquettes or medium-sized pieces of charcoal.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: The grill has a dual venting system which helps you to manage the amount of coal you need to use and to control the temperature. Its cooking surface helps to distribute the heat uniformly and in an efficient manner.


Safe to Use: The grill is equipped with three fixed lid locks so you can easily and safely transport it. It also has a firebox that is coated with enamel and an ash catcher to collect the ashes which makes it safe and easy to use.


Ease of Usage, Storage and Cleaning: You can use this grill for camping, tailgating, outdoor events even in patios and balconies, etc. Since it is lightweight and has a small size, so it is quite space-saving and can even be put in the trunk of a small car. The three-lock system makes it easy and convenient to transport and store. It has a convenient space to cook 2 burgers for one or two people or 4 to 6 burgers for more people, so you can even call it a large portable grill. It is also very easy to clean.


  • Grate is chrome-plated
  • Sufficient space for 2, 4 or 6 burgers
  • Dual venting system
  • Ash catcher collects ashes
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to use, store and clean


  • Clamps on the sides are a little weak

5. AYCFIYING Foldable

Highlighted Features

  • 2 Charcoal grids
  • Non-stick frying pan
  • Storage bag
  • Barbecue net
  • 1 basket + 3 shelves

Beautifully structured with durable quality construction, this portable foldable grill has enormous space for you to cook on it.


Material and Durability: Comsenz Portable Charcoal Grill is made of stainless steel and is high heat resistant. Hence, it is durable and long-lasting.


Size and Capacity: This large portable grill is very spacious. It is perfect for parties hosting 5 or more people. It consists of 3 shelves so you can easily place the tools, BBQ utensils, and seasoning products. 


Energy Efficiency: Even a small amount of charcoal helps to get the grill get hot easily. Hence, it is energy efficient as well.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: There are 2 vents which help to provide more heat to barbecue, bake or fry the food faster.


Safe to Use: It is safe to use as it is made of stainless steel and is durable. You need to be careful while using charcoal as it may have occasional flare-ups. Also, it may get too hot if you use too much charcoal. 


Ease of Usage, Storage and Cleaning: This convenient grill can be used for a small gathering. You also get a frying pan with it so you can enjoy fried and barbecued food at the same time. There are 2 vents that help the charcoal to burn and help you bake or barbecue food faster. You can get a wonderful charcoal flavor with it. It is also good for those people who often go camping or travel a lot. It can be easily folded to save space.


This grill has a simple setup so you can easily assemble or disassemble it by just unfolding it. You also get a storage bag with it so you can put it into the storage bag and take it wherever you want. Since it is made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean. This grill comes with a removable net which can be taken out and cleaned if dirty.


  • Excellent for a small gathering or party
  • Made of Stainless steel and durable
  • High heat resistant
  • Barbecues and fries food
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy storage and clean


  • As much smoke rises as the grease drips on the charcoal

6. ROVSUN Adjustable Vents

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable air vents
  • Heat insulated grill
  • 18-inch charcoal grill
  • KitchenFaction Rating

This grill will be perfect for cooking the seared meat and pork ribs.


Material and Durability: The grill is made of steel which is durable.


Size and Capacity: This is an 18-inch charcoal grill which is suitable for cooking a variety of stuff for a small family.


Energy Efficiency: The fuel used in this grill is charcoal. You can use the amount of charcoal as needed.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: This grill has adjustable air vents that give maximum heat control even if you don’t take off the lid.


Safe to Use: It is safe to use. The cover of the grill is heat-insulated so you can handle it without getting a burn.


Ease of Usage, Storage and Cleaning: This portable grill is very convenient to be taken anywhere whether for camping, get-together with family or friends or picnics. It is easy to assemble as well and you also get step by step instructions on how to do it. Therefore, you can easily carry it to any spot, assemble it and start the barbecue. It comes with a heat-insulated lid and hooks of the lid make it easy to lift it or put it on the ground even while grilling. It has a one-touch cleaning system that lets the ash collect in the collection tray. Hence, cleaning is made quite easy.


  • Made of steel
  • 18-inch size
  • Adjustable vents
  • Protection with heat insulated grill
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • The grill cannot be moved while being heated or in use

7. TACKLIFE One-Touch Cleaning

Highlighted Features

  • Practical double layered grid
  • Support legs
  • Over-sized wheels
  • Heat-control air vent
  • High temperature resistant
  • One-touch clean system

This portable grill is perfect if you want to taste the original taste of the food in the barbecue, this grill will surely give you a good experience.


Material and Durability: Tacklife Charcoal grill is made of steel enameled with thickened porcelain. Hence, it is durable. The porcelain, glazed cover and bowl are made with a 3-layer thickening spray process to make them high temperature resistant and protect from cracking, abrasion and rust. The support legs are made of 1.25-inch stainless steel. The wheels are also big and durable.


Size and Capacity: The large size of the grill includes a 38-inch height and a 22.5-inch diameter. You get sufficient surface for your baking needs.


Energy Efficiency: It is energy efficient as the burning of charcoal is controlled by a damper.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: The baking temperature can easily be seen on the thermometer which is on top of the charcoal grill so that you can check the temperature and bake your dishes precisely. The temperature inside the furnace  and the amount of burning of charcoal is controlled by a damper which is on the side of the furnace body. Galvanized steel cooking grate keeps the grilling heat uniform.


Safe to Use: It is completely safe to use… even around children. It is high heat resistant. The damper controls the temperature and can be used to extinguish the fire as well. Just make sure that the flares are not frequent.


Ease of Usage, Storage and Cleaning: This grill gets assembled in easy steps and provides you the perfect fun and ease of baking. You get very aromatic and charcoal-flavored dishes. You can make 12 to 15 burgers on it. You can easily drag it anywhere due to sturdy legs and large, durable wheels. Also, you can easily assemble it to use and disassemble to store.


There is an insulation rack and shelf available for easy storage. It has a one-touch cleaning system so that you can quickly clean it by only rotating the ash leak so that the ash goes down into the detachable ash trap. The galvanized cooking grate is also easy to clean.


  • Galvanized steel grate
  • 25-inch stainless steel legs
  • Durable wheels for transport
  • Damper to control temperature
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Takes a long time while assemble
  • Maybe difficult to transport

8.Cuisinart CGG-059

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight: only 10 pounds
  • Porcelain enamel grate
  • Twist-light ignition knob
  • Hinged lid
  • Needs a 1LB propane canister

This compact-sized grill is easy to carry and delivers excellent taste whenever you cook.


Material and Durability: Cuisinart CGG-059 Grillster has a grate made of enameled steel. So it is durable and environmentally friendly. Porcelain enamel on steel is made of natural and inorganic materials which resist heat and fire, are not prone to rust or corrosion in a moisture-laden environment and do not foster germs or house bacteria.


Size and Capacity: The grill is 146 square inches in size. Hence, it gives a spacious cooking surface to bake many burgers, steaks, seafood, vegetables, chicken, or kabobs.


Energy Efficiency: This grill works with a 1-pound propane tank.  It has an 8,000 BTU burner.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: The enameled steel grate provides uniform heat to your food.


Safe to Use: This simple grill should be used outdoors rather than indoors. However, it is designed so that flare-ups do not occur due to the wind. So, it is safe to use outdoors as well.


Ease of Usage, Storage, and Cleaning: The Cuisinart Grillster is a small grill with a large capacity. It is smooth, sleek and lightweight. It is easy to assemble… taking not more than 10 minutes. It also has a push ignite button so you can be ready for grilling without needing to use a match. You can also lift the hood to reach the grate. Also, this steel grill has a locking hood with a large carrying handle. The hood, fitted to the base, locks comfortably and the legs also fold easily so that you can carry it or store it conveniently.

You can use this anywhere whether camping, picnics, tailgating or even in your courtyard, backyard, patios or decks. It is super easy to clean as well since the porcelain-enameled steel grate is dishwasher safe and does not need any scrubbing. However, you can hand wash them with a foil as well.


  • Enameled steel grate
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Push igniter switch
  • 146 square inches of space for cooking
  • Requires only 1 pound propane canister
  • Easy to store and clean
  • Grate is dishwasher-safe


  • The grease tray is small and doesn’t catch all the grease

9. Ledeak Super-Light Foldable Legs

Highlighted Features

  • Portable barbecue grill
  • 1x Barbecue Frame
  • 1x Charcoal Internal
  • 1x Barbecue Net
  • 1x Place Charcoal Grid
  • 1x Place Charcoal Basin

A huge grill meant to serve a large family so don’t worry about delivering less food and just enjoy.


Material and Durability: The grill frame is a solid black iron frame that is durable, corrosion resistant and high heat resistant. The barbecue wire mesh is chrome-plated. The grill panel is made of stainless steel which is heat and scratch resistant, durable and long lasting. It is solid, has resistance to abrasion and does not rust.


Size and Capacity: The size of the barbecue grill is 22.8inches by 7.87 inches


Energy Efficiency: It is energy-efficient as it uses charcoal which can give an excellent smoky flavour even with a small amount.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: The heat can vary as per your requirement. You can barbecue on extremely hot coals or cinders.


Safe to Use: It is safe to use but you need to take certain precautions. You must make sure that it is placed at a stable, flat and non-flammable surface. You should not put too much food on it while barbecuing; try to use 80% of the area. Also, be very careful when children are around as they can topple the grill and it may cause an accident.


Ease of Usage, Storage and Cleaning: This grill is very lightweight and easy to use with folding legs which makes it easy to carry and store. It has a simple setup. First fold and then unfold directly. The charcoal grill can be set up in a simple way too. When you unfold the charcoal grill, it forms a rectangle shaped support on ground so that it stays stable while you are using it. The barbecue grill is easy to fold, lightweight and saves space. You can take it out or put it in from two sides.


You can easily add charcoal without removing the food from the barbecue by taking out the barbecue net from the right. It is perfect for large gatherings, camping, tailgating, picnics or parties. It can make your barbecue experience of smoky grilled meat an everlasting memory. Cleaning the frame would be time-taking but the grill net is easy to take out and clean.


  • Solid black iron frame
  • Chrome plated barbecue wire mesh
  • Stainless steel grill panel
  • Folding legs
  • Easy to use and store


  • Cleaning is time-taking
  • Need to use it carefully when children are around

10. Happybuy Foldable Design

Highlighted Features

  • Charcoal BBQ grill
  • Stainless steel
  • Folded design
  • Air ventilation
  • Grid for holding charcoal

Happybuy Folded Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill is perfect for having a barbecue party with fam and friends.


Material and Durability: Happybuy Folded Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill is made from stainless steel that is durable and resistant to corrosion.


Size and Capacity: The barbecue area is 24inches by 12inches which is sufficient for preparing juicy burgers and other barbecued food for a large number of people. The net weight of stove only is 15 pounds which makes it easy to transport.


Energy Efficiency: This grill is energy efficient as the charcoal keeps burning without getting extinguished. The heat is managed by the air ventilation.


Heating Capability — Uniform and High Heat: There is a grid for holding charcoal at the bottom. Hence, the charcoal stays up and is not extinguished by the ashes formed. It also has a ventilation design on both sides of the grill so that the air flow can be controlled and the heat is uniformly dispersed throughout the grill.


Safe to Use: It is safe to use due to its durable design and proper air ventilation. However, you need to take precautions while using it. Make sure you place it on a stable surface so that it does not topple. Be very careful when children are around.


Ease of Usage, Storage and Cleaning: This stainless steel grill can be folded easily and you can store it in the trunk of your car or transport it anywhere without compromising its performance. You can take it for camping, having barbecue parties or gatherings. Since it is resistant to corrosion and high temperature, you can easily store it without the fear that it may get damaged. You can use this grill to make skewers, shish kebab, lamb kebab, japanese yakitori, shashlik, malaysian satay, etc. It is also very easy to clean.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Portable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Uniform heating
  • Easy to use, store and clean


  • Handles might give you blisters

Things To Look For Before Buying!

Many people who aren’t aware of what to look for in a grill should look for important features in order to find the perfect grill. Shopping for the best portable grills can get tricky for some people if you don’t know exactly what you expect to have in your portable grill.

Following are some essential features that you will find in the best portable grills:

  • Porcelain covered grate
  • Spacious cooking surface
  • Portable — Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Energy efficient
  • Safe to use — Heat resistant handles
  • Easy to clean

Buying Guide

What Types Of Grills Are There?

Let’s look at the different types of grills to give you an idea about which one will be suitable for you.


Portable Grills: Portable grills are best for camping and picnic. They are also great for city dwellers who don’t have an outdoor space. These grills should be small, lightweight and durable so that they can be easily transported from one place to another conveniently. They are even good for tailgaters who travel a lot and cook and eat whenever they crave healthy and juicy meat. Make sure you buy a grill that will last long and not just get worn out in first use. Portable grills are of several types. Following are the types of grills which are portable:


1) Gas Grills

They are well-known backyard grills. They can run on natural gas and even bottled propane. Most of the gas grills are designed for propane but they can also be easily converted to natural gas. Some people get confused regarding the merits of propane and methane, although there is very little difference between them. If you have access to a natural gas line, then it would be more convenient and less expensive than filling propane over and over. However, a huge drawback of a Gas Grill is that they have small smoker boxes and they produce only a little smoke as compared to the charcoal grill.


Gas grills come in a different variety of bars or sheets. However, porcelain covered bars are very much acceptable but you should avoid steel sheets. Although bent sheets look very nice and new, the heat is not distributed evenly and also they are very difficult to clean. Moreover, iron grates of higher quality are very difficult to remove and to be cleaned by hand. Ultimately, steel bars are very nice and durable and can be easily cleaned with a wire brush and make fantastic grill marks on a patty.


2) Charcoal Grills

Cooking with charcoal is time-consuming and more expensive than a gas grill, but many people always prefer the taste of cooking with charcoal. If you have an urge for smoky, grilled meat, it can only be achieved with a charcoal grill. It burns at a higher temperature than gas, which allows a grillmaster to easily sear meat. However, there are some drawbacks of using a charcoal grill like the way we have to preheat the grill before using it. Also, it takes some time in cleaning the grill and disposing off the ashes when you are done cooking. Although you can easily use wood if available but if you purchase charcoal it can be expensive to use.


3) Electric Grills

This type of grill is powered by electricity and you can cook meat using the heated grill plates so no fire is required. They are best for using it in indoor and outdoor activities. These types of grills are also best for those city dwellers who can’t use charcoal grills because of the law and building regulations ensuring that the grill you use does not violate any codes. But these types of grills ruin the taste because all that smoky flavor is lost when you use this grill. Although, they produce a similar look as well as other grills.

How Much Cooking Area Do I Need?

Most of the portable grills don’t have a large warming tray or holding area. So, it’s up to you to figure out how much grilling surface area is needed by you. Portable grills consist of a unit that is large enough to cook for a group of 2 to 4 people and can also cook for 6 people as well. That is the reason you should know how many people you are going to serve.

Moreover, cooking a huge meal on the grate needs more space rather than grilling up some burgers. Cooking grate of 200 sq. inches will hold about 12 burger patties (patty size being 4” x 4”) with them having enough space in-between for proper cooking. Additionally, this is enough for a meal having 8-10 ounce steaks, with baked potatoes and corn on the cob for two. So, about 100 sq. inches per person is a good estimate to help you to determine how much space you might need.

What Type Of Burners Should I Use?

There are burners that are made up of stainless steel or brass, as aluminum will wear out and the cast iron will soon rust. Stainless steel with an 18/8 rating or 304 grade is best for corrosion resistance. In order to protect burners from dripping grease, many propane grills will have a metal deflector between the grate and burners. This will help to produce heat more evenly and also reduce “hot spots” on the grate.


Grates: A good grate helps to hold the heat in the cooking area and conduct it into the food for better results. However, there are three kinds of grates:


Chrome and nickel-plated grates: They are fitted with a wire core. These are grates which are lightweight and are easy to carry. But the drawback is that they don’t hold the heat well. Moreover, the plating can chip and tends to rust. So, stay away!


Cast iron grates: They are great for holding and conducting heat, but if you don’t use oil it will rust.


Stainless-steel grates: They are a charm, work very well are easy to clean, and aren’t too heavy to use. However, the holding and conducting of heat are not as good as cast iron. Still, this grate is a choice of many people as it lasts longer and is corrosion-free.

What Kind Of Ignition Do Portable Grills Have?

Many grills are equipped with spark ignition systems. Some run on battery and others are dependent on the friction of a push-button or a dial to ignite a spark. When the starter fails, there is usually a manual ignition hole on the side so that you can use a candle lighter or long fireplace matches.

What Construction Quality Should You Look For?

It is obvious that you would want the parts of the grill to not be heavy but lightweight. Anyhow, ‘lightweight’ can be accompanied by cheap and fragile material. So how will you decide?


Stability: Check the stability of the grill: and whether the stands are welded and held together with nuts and bolts.


Sharp Edges: Make sure the edges and corners are not sharp as they may cut you or clothes may get entangled in them.


Handles: Inspect the handle as well to see if it has a firm grip so that your hand doesn’t touch the metal underneath it. Otherwise, when you open the lid, you might get blisters.


Material: The material most suited for the grills can be stainless steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, and enameled steel. Aluminum can ultimately lose its color when it comes in contact with heat despite its quality. It will lose its immaculate look quicker if the material used is thin. Cast iron, though very durable, will become rusty if it is not painted properly. It is also heavy. Enameled steel also has good quality as it is corrosion resistant but it can crack.

Which Grills To Use For Camping?

The camping grills should provide temperature control. If the grill has more than one burner, temperature control should be separate for each burner. The cooking surface should be between 265 to 285 square centimeters, suitable for cooking about 8 burgers. The grate should be of stainless steel or cast-iron which will be able to hold the heat properly and be easy to clean as well.

What Type Of Meat Is Best For Small Grills?

Small grills do not have enough firepower to cook large amounts of meat in a suitable time. You can easily cook hamburger patties, sausages, small pieces of chicken, and lamb which you may find on a skewer or kebab.

Should You Use Propane Bottles?

These popular green propane bottles are easy to use but a great source of pollution. These bottles cannot be thrown in the trash as it is illegal in many places. But unfortunately, they do end up in landfills. Even if you have to use them, use refillable bottles. Get a small refillable propane cylinder which is good for cooking three meals a day outdoors and lasts about 2 weeks.


Finally, I have identified several types of portable grills and listed the best products that can help you make a worthwhile decision. You can now choose the perfect grill that is suitable to your lifestyle and is convenient for you. In the end, you will surely have a wonderful and tasty summer with your friends and family. So go ahead and choose the best portable grill for yourself and enjoy making the healthiest and juiciest meal for your loved ones.