My grill keeps getting this coating of dust and tough grease which, I found to my horror, not only affects the taste of my food but is also really bad for health! So, I wanted to get a tool that could clean the grill within a couple of minutes. In my search for a grill brush that would clean quickly without me having to exert any extra effort, I found the following 9 best grill brushes:

Our Best Grill Brushes To Clean Away That Stubborn Grease





Kona Safe/Clean

18 inches Best Overall ·         Rust-resistant stainless steel

·         Bristle-free

·         Weather-resistant handle

·         Light-weight

Weber 6494 3-Sided Grill Brush

12 inches Best For Quality ·         Wide brush head

·         Shorter sides

·         Thick stainless steel bristles

·         Ergonomic handle

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

18 inches Best for Scrapping ·         Stainless steel wire

·         18-inch long brush

·         Stainless steel hanging

·         Non-slip handle

Alpha Grillers Grill Brush

18 inches Best for Quick Cleaning ·         Stainless steel construction

·         Triple-head brush

·         Ergonomic handle

·         For all type of grills

1. Kona Safe/Clean

Highlighted Features

  • Rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Bristle-free
  • Weather-resistant handle
  • Light-weight

Kona Safe/Clean grill brush is a bristle-free brush so no worries about the bristles getting plucked out or left on the grill. But, you can only use this brush to clean your grill while it is heated and not when it’s cold.


Construction: It is beautifully constructed with a stainless steel brush that has hard wires and an 18-inch long weather-resistant and ergonomic handle that gives you a good grip.


Function: You can clean the top and the sides of your grill very easily with this cleaning brush. It would be helpful if you were to keep some water to dip the brush into while cleaning. First, you need to heat the grill and then, when you dip the brush in water and clean the hot grill, it will work like a steam cleaner. If you angle your brush a little backward, it can provide you better, deeper cleaning. You can easily maintain the angle and keep your hands away from the hot grill due to the appropriately long length of the handle of the cleaner. You can use this brush for a variety of grills and it can be safely used on porcelain, ceramic, infrared, weber, char-broil, etc


Cleaning and maintenance: It is recommended to hand wash the brush as the handle might melt in the dishwasher. However, if you want to wash it in the appliance, use the top shelf.


  • Made with hard-wire stainless steel
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • Provides an angle for deeper cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle for convenience
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Not very good for smooth cast-iron

2. Weber 6494 3-Sided Grill Brush

Highlighted Features

  • Wide brush head
  • Shorter sides
  • Thick stainless steel bristles
  • Ergonomic handle

Weber grill brush is an effective tool for cleaning your grill whether you use a charcoal one or a gas one. It is pretty efficient as it cleans spaces that cannot be reached easily like the deep & hidden parts where a normal brush won’t go. The brush is long-lasting as it has thick bristles made of stainless steel. Plus you get the ease of cleaning with an ergonomic handle.


Construction: Weber stainless steel brush has thick bristles that are wear-resistant, and has a suitable-sized handle for effective cleaning. The head of the brush is wide and the sides are short.


Function: The only way to maintain the quality of your grill, in order to provide yourself with a perfectly cooked meal, is to clean it after every use. Before you start cleaning, you need to preheat your grill for at least 15 minutes. Then, use the wider head of the Weber grill brush to clean large surfaces on your grill. You can use the shorter sides to remove any food particles that have been left on the grate or the cooking surface. You will get a firm grip on the brush due to its suitable handle and will be able to control the movement of the brush and maneuver it in any way you want.


Cleaning and maintenance: It is recommended to hand wash the brush. Also, you should check the brush before every use because if there is a loose bristle, you will need to replace the brush. Moreover, try to change the cleaning brush every season if you grill quite frequently.


  • Thick, stainless steel thick bristles
  • Wider head for cleaning large surface area
  • Shorter sides get rid of any particles stuck on the grate
  • Easy to clean and use


  • The handle is too short
  • Bristles may fall off

3.  GRILLART Grill Brush And Scraper

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel wire
  • 18-inch long brush
  • Stainless steel hanging
  • Non-slip handle

Very elegantly designed Grillart grill brush has a scraper built with the brush. Therefore, you can scrape away any unwanted materials when you start cleaning. There are three brushes that are attached to one handle. The attached scraper is effective for efficient cleaning.


Construction: This grill brush has a stainless steel wire, an 18-inch long handle, 3-in-one bristled heads and an attached scraper.


Function: Grillart brush is a very effective cleaning tool with a convenient handle that enables you to turn the brush in any direction you like. Plus the head can rotate 360-degrees so even the hard-to-get places can be cleaned by the brush. Since it is made of stainless steel, there is no danger of bristles falling while cleaning.


The process of cleaning is very simple. You need to preheat your grill and then, once it is heated up, you should scrape off any food particles that are left on the grill. Then, place a container of water nearby, dip the brush in the water, and clean the hot grill. You need to start the cleaning with the wider sections of the grill. Also, the rotating head can provide better coverage as it can even clean the nooks and corners that are not easy to access. The non-slip handle gives you just the right grip to get the job done perfectly. After cleaning the grill, it would be very good to wipe the grill with a damp cloth in order to make sure it has no particles left on it – not even the bristles that might have accidentally fallen.


Cleaning and maintenance: You can clean the brush by hand. Afterwards, let it dry and put it away safely so that it doesn’t get damaged.


  • Scraper removes grease and dirt
  • 3 times more powerful cleaning than normal brushes
  • Firm grip on the handle
  • A brush can rotate 360 degrees


  • The scraper is a bit short for wider grills

4. Alpha Grillers Grill Brush

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Triple-head brush
  • Ergonomic handle
  • For all types of grills

Alpha Grillers grill brush is what you need for cleaning your messy grates and enjoying the barbecue without worrying about bad taste or bad effects on health due to cooking on a dirty grill.


Construction: Alpha Grillers brush is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that makes it long-lasting which means you don’t have to worry about replacing the grill brush any time soon. The bristles that are arranged for making the brush a triple-headed one allow for easy cleaning of a wider surface area. Besides, the handle is ergonomic, provides a firm grip and has an 18-inch length that is quite suitable to keep your hands at a safe distance while cleaning.


Function: Alpha Grillers brush is safe to use on any surface of the grill whether porcelain, stainless steel, or any other. The cleaning process is simple as you heat the grill, dip the brush in water and rub the grate with the wet brush, providing it a steam-cleaning effect. This helps to make the dirt or grease come off easily. Since the brush has triple heads so you cover a larger area and the cleaning is done fairly quickly and easily. After cleaning, wipe your grates with damp towels to ensure no grime or any other material is left on them.


Cleaning and maintenance: You need to hand-wash the brush with hot water and soap and rinse it afterwards.


  • Covers larger surface area while cleaning
  • Long handle – cleans from a safe distance
  • Safe to use on any kind of grill
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Bristles may fall off

5. George Foreman Cleaning Sponges, GFSP3

Highlighted Features

  • Unique grooved design
  • Safe to use on non-stick coatings
  • Dual cleaning power
  • KitchenFaction Rating

George Foreman grill cleaning sponges are a sight for sore eyes especially for the ones who think cleaning a grill grate is a hassle.


Construction: George Foreman grill cleaning sponges have a special design with grooves that can fit in the George Foreman grill to provide effortless cleaning. These cleaners are a combination of sponge and scrub attached together for better cleaning.


Function: You can rest assured that by using this product your grills will be thoroughly cleaned with no grease, grime or dirt left on your grate. The sponge and scrub are safe to use on the non-stick surfaces as well. Also, their combination helps you get rid of even the hard sticky stuff that doesn’t come off easily. Hence, these cleaners provide a fast and meticulous cleaning so that you can enjoy your barbecue with the taste of the meat unaffected by the gunk.


Cleaning and maintenance: You should hand wash them by using soap and water to rinse the sponges thoroughly.


  • Grooves can help clean deeper surfaces
  • Scrub for tough-to-get-rid-of spots
  • Sponge for easy wipe-off
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Sponge and scrub may fall apart

6. BBQ-Aid Barbecue Grill Brush And Scraper

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel bristles
  • Sturdy acacia wood handle
  • For all type of grills
  • 15-inch long brush

This grill brush is very effective for those people who like to experience the adventure of grilling as much as possible but are at a loss when the time comes for cleaning. The scraper takes care of the sticky, hard scum and the brush gets rid of the stuff that is left after scraping. Hence, you get an immaculate grill no matter which kind you are using.


Construction: BBQ-Aid Barbecue grill brush has a beautiful, sturdy brown handle that is made of acacia wood. The head of the brush has a stainless steel scraper and sleek bristles. The length of the brush is 15 inches which is quite effective for easy cleaning.


Function: The classic design of this brush along with quality materials used in its construction make it an exceptional tool to work with. The scraping is, of course, done by the scraper and then you rub the grate with the bristles to ensure the removal of any kind of unwanted material. Moreover, you can be safe from getting your hands burned because of the long handle. You can safely use this brush to clean any kind of grill whether porcelain, ceramic, infrared, Weber, Char-broil, etc


Cleaning and maintenance: You should rinse it with soap and water. Let it dry and then store it carefully so the bristles aren’t damaged.


  • Stainless steel bristles
  • Easy to get rid of grease
  • Safe usage without damaging your hands
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The bristles may fall off after several usages

7. Grill Brush & Scraper By GRILLART

Highlighted Features

  • Bristle-free brush
  • Wide scraper
  • Light-weight double helix design
  • Superior stainless steel
  • 17-inch long tough handle

This grill brush gives you the satisfaction of knowing that after the cleaning process you won’t be left with any grease or dust on your grill.


Construction: Grillart grill brush is made of superior quality, rust-free stainless steel with a double-helix design that makes it flexible. The scraper also has a hollowed-out design. The handle has an effective 10.2-inch length, making the overall length of 17 inches. There is also a hook made of stainless steel for storage.


Function: This brush provides you the flexibility of cleaning between the slats of your grate. The hollowed scraper with a large head cleans a considerably larger surface and removes tough stains easily. Moreover, this grill brush cleans without leaving any marks on your grate. The convenient length of the handle makes your work easy & safe as you effortlessly scrape and clean the grate without worrying about injuring your hand in any way.


The process of cleaning is simple. You just need to preheat your grill for at least 15 minutes. Then use the scraper to scrape off any scum or muck gently. Keep a container of water with you during cleaning to dip the brush in it before rubbing the grate, which will create a steam-cleaning effect. The short sides of the brush will help remove the particles from the sides of the grill and the spaces between the grates. So, with this brush, you can clean any type of grate whether porcelain, ceramic, infrared, Weber, Char-broil, etc. However, it is not suitable for mesh grates.


Cleaning and maintenance: The brush is dishwasher safe but it is recommended to wash it by hand.


  • Provides flexibility during cleaning
  • Effective scraping and scrubbing
  • A larger surface area cleaned
  • For all types of grates
  • Easy cleanup
  • Has a hook for storage


  • Not for mesh grates


8. Grillaholics Essentials Grill Brush

Highlighted Features

  • Soft brass bristle wire
  • Porcelain-safe
  • 18-inch length
  • Triple machine tested
  • Heavy-duty handle

Grillaholics essentials grill brush, as the name suggests, is definitely an essential tool for those who use their grills excessively. If you are looking for a tool that would not make your grilling experience a horror story with bristles turning up in your barbecue then this brush is what you need, with its heavy-duty softer brass bristles. The handle also provides you the effective length to perform your cleaning chore safely while staying out of harm’s way.


Construction: Grillaholics Essentials has heavy-duty stainless brass bristles. This brush meets safety standards as it is a triple machine-tested product. The total length of the brush is 18 inches.


Function: Cleaning with bristles is far more effective than any other method, but the 360-degree maneuvering head with brass bristles makes the job especially convenient. In addition, the long handle keeps you safe from getting singed by the heat of the hot grill. You can use this brush for cleaning any type of grill whether gas, charcoal, infrared, Weber, Char-broil, etc. Moreover, it won’t leave any marks on porcelain, ceramic, or cast-iron grates. In any case, make sure to wipe off your grate with a wet towel after cleaning to be absolutely certain that no debris or bristles remain.


Cleaning and maintenance: You should hand wash this brush by rinsing it with water. The heavy-duty handle can be used to hang the brush up for safe storage.


  • Tested and approved product
  • Long handle for safe cleaning
  • Safe for all type of grills
  • Doesn’t scratch the surface of the grate
  • Easy cleaning


  • Cleaning between grates is cumbersome

9. Avant Grub Grill Cleaning Brick

Highlighted Features

  • Commercial grade tool
  • Black pumice stone brick
  • Bristle-free cleaning
  • Reusable

Avant Grub grill cleaning brick is a tool that provides you with bristle-free, effortless cleaning. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals or subject your grills to rigorous scrubbing. This black pumice stone will make your grills as good as new without scratching the surface or leaving any marks. What’s more interesting is that it is reusable and does not absorb any bad smell, grease, or scum.


Construction: The Avant cleaning brick is made of pumice stone. It is 8 inches long and 4 inches high, and is quite lightweight as well, so you can grasp it very easily.


Function: With this brick, you don’t have to use chemicals or scrub your grills vigorously. Simply remove the debris of any kind whether grease, residue or caked-on carbon by putting light pressure on the brick and scrubbing the desired surface. It will not damage the surface of your grill. While using it, hold it with a brick holder or a cloth for safety. Also, make sure to rinse your grills after cleaning with the brick as sand-like residue may be left on your grill that will affect your food if not removed.


Cleaning and maintenance: This brick is reusable and it does not absorb any smell or grease while cleaning. Also, when you’ll scrub at the gunk you will also scrub away a bit of the pumice which will give you a fresh surface of the stone every time it is subjected to use.


  • Durable and reusable
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Safe to use on hot grills
  • Lightweight
  • Easy cleanup


  • Leaves sand-like particles on the grill

Things To Look For Before Buying!

There are so many choices from which you have to only choose one that works with complete efficiency, so I have come up with the following factors that will help you in making a choice that will actually work for you.

A grill brush should:

  • Have a sturdy and durable design
  • Have a long, ergonomic handle
  • Be easy to store
  • Be easy to use and clean

Buying Guide

What Is A Grill Brush?

A grill brush cleans tough grease or dirt that is stuck on the grates of a grill. Grill brushes often come with a scraper as well so that you can scrape away the food particles that are too stubborn and won’t come off that easily with the brush.

How To Clean A Grill With A Brush?

First of all, you need to scrape off any particles of food that are stuck on the grill. After that, you can apply any grill cleaner or you can just use water. Some grill cleaners or brushes even require preheating the grill for about 15 minutes for easier cleaning. Now take the brush, dip it in water and rub it all over the grill. When you’re done cleaning the grill, wipe it with a cloth and make sure it is completely dry before you use it (in case you’ve used a grill cleaning chemical).

How To Clean A Grill Brush?

For cleaning a grill brush you need to wash it under warm water so that it won’t be damaged and will last long. Some brushes are even dishwasher safe but some aren’t due to the fact that their handles can’t bear the heat and they will melt in a dishwasher. So, in general, it is recommended to wash grill brushes by hand.

Why Is It Important To Clean A Grill?

Cleaning is quite essential for every kitchen item. So, if you don’t clean the germs will linger on to your gadgets or appliances and make them unhealthy for you to use. Therefore in order to clean a grill, you need a grill cleaning brush to remove the tough grease that covers the cooking grates. If you don’t clean then the great taste that the grill provides to your food will be compromised. Moreover, after using the grill we neither clean it nor cover it so it just collects dust and germs. Jonathan Maes tells us in his article about what would happen if you don’t clean your grill. He talks about the dangers a dirty grill poses e.g. rodents can sometimes live in the grill if it’s kept out in the open and they can fill the grill with their droppings, plus it leads to all kinds of infections and I’m sure you don’t want that! So, please clean your grill and make sure to cover it with something so that nothing unwanted gets into it.

Can A Wire-Bristle Brush Be Dangerous To Use?

Yes, and if you use a wire-bristle brush you need to be highly cautious due to the fact that the bristles might fall off. These fallen bristles can stick to your food and can unknowingly end up stuck in your throat or your stomach, which might lead to emergency surgery. And no one wants to be in that position.

How Often Should The Grill Be Cleaned?

The grill needs to be cleaned after every use because it is quite an essential thing to do. So if you don’t clean it quite frequently then it’s bound to collect grease and filthy dirt that will not only compromise the taste of meat but will also contaminate it with germs. Therefore, you should clean the grill after using it so that if you cook again there won’t be any residue left from your last meal cooked on the grill. Moreover, it will provide a better taste to your food.


So, people, I have some great grill brushes and now it’s up to you to choose one wisely and clean that filthy grill that’s gathering dust in your backyard.