The right moment for a BBQ? Every moment is the right moment for BBQ. For meat lovers, grilling and barbecuing is just the best activity. But the best kind of BBQ needs the right tools to grill the meat perfectly, and gloves appear to be the most essential ones during the whole activity. Following is the list of some of the best BBQ gloves:


Highlighted Features

  • High heat resistant
  • Multipurpose
  • Aramid fibre construction
  • Durable
  • Firefighter material
  • KitchenFaction Rating

Licensed under EN407, GRILL HEAT AID Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves are multipurpose gloves designed to resist intense heat up to 932°C.


Design: Now, what makes these gloves withstand such high temperatures over and over again without being damaged or worn out by heat is their double-layered design. The first layer is of aramid, a fabric that is composed of strong synthetic fiber and is highly heat resistant. Along with that, the second layer is of cotton fabric, so your hands are comfortable and your skin can breathe, preventing it from being sweaty and the gloves from slipping off. Instead, it helps in providing a firm grip and ensures the secure handling of hot things indoors and outdoors.


How it works: With a length of 10cm, these gloves can cover your hands up to the wrists, so you can turn glowing coals in the grate with your covered hands, or turn wood in bonfires while the fire burns, and you can also slide your pizza pans into the oven easily without any danger of getting burnt.


Apart from being great to handle heat either on a stove, oven, grill or any high-heat activity indoors or around the kitchen, these gloves are dexterous enough to be used outdoors for activities like handling molten metal, welding, and other high-heat activities.


Safety & durability: Being this much heat resistant, the gloves don’t wear off or get burnt so they can be used over and over again, after cleaning. How to clean them without causing any damage? Being water-resistant yet extremely easy to wash, you don’t need any particular detergent or anything to clean these gloves. If the pair gets too greasy, it is machine washable too! Yet it is recommended you should use fabric softener as it may damage the texture or the material’s conductivity. Manufactured under EN407 standards, these gloves are most durable and designed for professional use, yet if you come across any complaints or damages you can claim warranty at any time, as it has a lifetime guarantee!


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Strong grip
  • Incredible resistance to heat
  • Double-layered
  • Machine washable


  • Low water resistance

2. Grill Armor Extreme Oven Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Pair
  • Silicone Super-Grip surface
  • Five finger design
  • Easily washable
  • Lightweight & flexible

While moving hot containers, the Grill Armor Extreme Heat-Resistant Oven Gloves give you more adaptability than some other gloves. But, in spite of the fact that they provide full coverage, they’re not as heat-safe as my other picks, so you’ll need to ensure you’re not left holding a hot dish with no spot to put it when you’re utilizing them.


Design: Being multipurpose and multi-user i.e. amateur or novice to professional chefs or home chefs, Grill Armour gloves are manufactured with a five-finger design, providing you a strong anti-slip grip while moving hot containers or handling campfires and open flames. This brings more adaptivity to these gloves.


How it works: Even though they’re FDA approved and certified under EN407, these smart grip-providing gloves are insulated with a heat resistant material like meta-aramid but can’t stand against heat for a long period of time. You need to locate an empty place or holder before you pick up hot kitchenware. With silicone patterns/grooves over the glove surface, it makes the handling much more secure and safe by ensuring the anti-slip factor.


Being thick and large, these extreme heat resistant gloves are lightweight in use. With silicone grooves on the outer surface, these gloves are insulated with material like para & meta-aramid, an extreme heat resistant fiber that is also used in fire brigade uniforms. These all-in-one gloves are multipurpose and can be used indoors and outdoors as well. Covering up till cuffs, these gloves ensure heat resistance up to your wrists while sliding pizzas into the oven or turning logs in the fire, for example.


Safety & Durability: These gloves are easy to wash as they require no particular instructions to be followed or any particular detergent to be used, and can be washed in a machine as well. And along with them, there is a hook to hang these gloves either to let them dry or hang safely while not in use. Just in case you come across unsatisfactory results or any damage or complaint, you can claim the money-back guarantee.


  • Dishwashable
  • Several sizes and colours.
  • Non-slip texture
  • All-purpose
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Insulated and breathable


  • Cannot hold hot items for more than a few seconds
  • Accumulates dirt easily

3. Jolly Green Products Premium

Highlighted Features

  • 100% waterproof
  • Fully protective
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • FDA approved & BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip texture

Jolly Green, known to be one of the US bestsellers, are waterproof and intense heat resistant gloves and are equally best for indoors and outdoors. From handling ultra-hot pots and juicy meats to brushing off dog hair, these gloves are secure and efficient in use.


Design: Made up entirely of silicone, these gloves are waterproof and provide you an anti-slip hold of juicy meats, hot liquid, soups, and broths, etc. The five-finger flex design ensures a strong and firm grip and safe removal of intensely heated liquids or pots.


How it works: These gloves are long enough to cover up to the wrist, so you can grab dishes and pans out of the grill or the oven without getting burnt. These gloves are BPA-free and approved by the FDA which ensures the use of these gloves to be secure and reliable for extremely heated materials.


As it’s a pair, you can get both of your hands involved while holding a hot pot or juicy meats. Being BPA-free and silicone made, these gloves are stain and smell resistant, making them more durable and non-tearable.


Safety & Durability: These gloves are easy to wash and can be cleaned even in a dishwasher. In case of any complaint, you can reimburse your money without being questioned.


  • Won’t rip or tear
  • Provide protection in kitchens & campsites
  • Guard the arms against burns
  • Multi-purpose
  • Simple cleaning
  • Gloves do not stain or retain smells


  • May be too bulky for some

4. Premium Silicone BBQ Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Safety & comfort
  • Available in sizes S, M, L & XL.
  • Waterproof
  • Heat-resistant up to 442°F
  • Dishwasher-safe

Premium Silicone gloves are 3x larger than normal grilling gloves, and their thickness and size make them good to handle ultra-hot materials but can make them troublesome as well.


Design: This pair of gloves is made up of silicone which makes them ultra adaptable and comfortable, providing you comfort and a firm grip while holding any extremely hot material. They aren’t any simple silicone gloves; the pair is designed in a way that it has air channels on the inside of the gloves that let the hands and fingers breathe and stay cool while handling ultra-hot objects. There are small grip cylinders on all of the palm protecting you from intense heat and providing you a firm grip while holding any hot material. There are ridges and indentations on the sides and between the fingers, protecting you from direct heat contact.


How it works: Being approved by the FDA, these gloves are thick enough to protect your hands from intense heat and don’t get de-shaped or torn.


These gloves are multipurpose and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to the silicone non-stick surface, these gloves are easily washable and get rid of sauces, marinades, or oils quickly.


Safety & Durability: You can hold any food with these gloves directly without worrying about stains and odor, as they are supremely easy to wash and don’t leach odor into the food. Moreover, if you have any complaints regarding the product you can claim the money-back guarantee within 60 days.


  • Safe & secure
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy to clean


  • Can be too big for women

5. Artisan Griller BBQ Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Insulated non-slip five-finger design
  • Comfortable & flame resistant
  • Neoprene rubber coating
  • Easily washable
  • Waterproof
  • Heat-resistant

Artisan-Griller Gloves are made in such a way that they have a protected 5-finger non-slip structure. These additionally include a cotton-liner smooth jersey that has a loose fit. The FDA compliant neoprene rubber coating, in addition to being watertight, offers high durability while offering maximum strength from steam and boiling water.


Design: Artisan Griller gloves are designed under a five-finger flex structure. These gloves have an inner lining of smooth cotton jersey that fits loosely and keeps your hands easy and comfortable while handling ultra-hot food or containers. Being 17” long, they provide you protection against the heat up to your arm. They are also easy to wear and to take off when required.


How it works: These gloves are coated with food-grade neoprene and are EN407 certified which ensures the gloves to be safe while dealing with extremely hot-objects. The neoprene coating, being water-resistant, provides maximum durability and strength from steaming hot water. Moreover, these gloves are heat, stain, oil, and grease resistant as well.


These gloves can be used to hold flaming broil containers in the kitchen as well as while camping or having bonfires, making them multipurpose.


Safety & Durability: These gloves are easy to clean and wash. You can just hand-wash and allow them to dry. If you are not satisfied with the product you can get your money back within 3 months time.


  • Enable you to handle hot meats in the smoker
  • Helpful for grilling & frying
  • The measurement fits most people
  • Simple to put on & take off
  • Protect arms as well


  • Don’t provide the same security as silicone gloves

6. SARCCH BBQ Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Heat resistant
  • Comfortable & superior grip
  • All-round protection of hands
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to clean

SARCCH BBQ Gloves are high-performance, heat-resistant gloves equipped with food-grade silicone with grips that ensure safety during cooking or moving food to the table due to their anti-slip feature.


Design: The inner lining of the gloves is crafted with heavy-duty polyester cotton that can withstand intense heat and can be used over and over without being torn or de-shaped. The super-soft cotton lining keeps your hands comfortable and sweat-free while working in intense heat or in summers.


How it works: Coated with silicone, these gloves provide a firm grip while holding hot materials, and are also highly resistant to grease, oil, marinades, etc. These gloves are best for handling super-hot containers, cooking, baking or grilling either indoors or outdoors.


With this pair of gloves you can slide in your pizza pan or bread tray or can turn smoking meat and coals without getting burnt and without dropping the food on the floor.


Safety & Durability: This pair of gloves is easily washable without any extra effort and you can hang them to dry with the provided loop. If the pair gets damaged or torn, you can contact the seller for replacement or reimbursement.


  • Fire/heat resistant
  • Sufficient length
  • Good grip
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible


  • No protection from hot liquids
  • Easily stained

7. RAPICCA Grill Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Insulated textured palm
  • Non-slip five-finger design
  • Food-grade neoprene coating shield
  • Waterproof
  • Sleeve protection

If you want to smoke, barbecue or grill meat like a pro at home, RAPICCA BBQ gloves are a good choice. Being versatile in use, this exceptionally protective tool for producing culinary masterpieces is designed with a five-finger structure, providing a non-slip grip.


Design: The outer layer is covered with neoprene that is water-proof and heat resistant at the same time, while the inner surface is lined with a double layer of cotton making it comfortable for hands to move, grip, and breathe and also makes it sweat – absorbent


How it works: Being FDA-compliant and BPA-free, the neoprene coating provides you a shield from heat-involved activities. The pair is long enough to cover forearms, providing you maximum heat-resistance and safety from accidents.


Neoprene, being water-resistant, makes these gloves easy to clean and to wash off any oily, greasy or marinade stains. Apart from the kitchen, these long-coverage gloves can be used for outdoor activities like dying yarn or brewing beer.


Safety & Durability: These gloves are easy and quick to clean plus the flexible neoprene coating is waterproof and can resist not only water but also chemical liquids, stains, grease, and heat.


  • Ultimate protection
  • Offers good insulation
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Flexible and waterproof


  • Slightly stiff at first

8.  BlueFire Pro BBQ Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Finest grade material
  • Forearms protection
  • Cut-resistant fibre
  • Multipurpose

BlueFire Pro gloves, being heat and cut resistant, are a great choice for the backyard and professional BBQ.


Design: These gloves are designed with a mixture of Kevlar, Nomex, aramid, and silicone. The outer lining is covered with Kevlar, while the inner lining comprises cotton and polyester. The inner lining assures your hands to be comfortable and allows your fingers to breathe while handling hot objects


How it works: Being multipurpose, these gloves are multiuser too. The pair covers up to the forearms which makes them the best option for welding as well. Great for indoors and outdoors, these gloves can be used by home cooks, novice chefs, etc. They have a standard size that fits all.


Safety & Durability: As a mixture of multiple heat-resistant materials, the fibre is cut-resistant too. This makes it safe and secure as well providing optimum security while performing different chores in the kitchen.


  • Heat protection up to the forearms
  • Easy to control
  • Very comfortable
  • High degree of heat resistance
  • Resistant to cuts


  • Can’t hold against total submersion

Things To Look For Before Buying!

Just to save some time, before getting to the detailed reviews of some great BBQ gloves, you should look for some features that I have mentioned while purchasing BBQ gloves to make barbecuing a safe and fun experience.

Down below are some of the basic qualities you should look for:

  • Heat-resistance and thermal protection
  • Comfort
  • Incredible control and grip
  • Durability
  • Safe operation

Buying Guide

Why BBQ Gloves?

For a barbecue, every moment is the right time. Grilling is one of the favorite activities on sunny days for anyone who loves grilled meat. But what happens if we don’t have the right grilling tools to use? It is a must to have the right equipment adapted to our needs and preferences to prevent accidents from occurring and for that reason, having BBQ gloves is very important so your barbeque can be a safe and fun experience.

What Should Be The Product Material?

Like other smoking and grilling accessories and gears, heat-resistant BBQ gloves are available in different materials, sizes, and shapes. Some examples are gloves made of either leather or silicone or gloves with either short cuffs or long sleeves. The abundance of choices will amaze you, increasing the likelihood of finding the one that really meets your unique preferences and needs. Your wide range of options even helps you to spend according to your budget. Your many choices, however, can also cause confusion.

How Do They Work?

High-quality barbecue gloves can be expected to work by protecting your hands from heat sources, such as hot coals, whenever you choose to grill or barbecue. Apart from protection, it can also be assumed that the protective gloves would work by giving you enough flexibility to make it easier to handle knives and tongs. They actually function based on how they are designed. Some are specifically designed to give both the arms and hands the ultimate protection from heat. On the other hand, you can find those that are meant to work as potholders. The way barbecue gloves work is also often dependent on the specific degree of heat-resistance added to them.

Important Things To Consider In BBQ Gloves:

Some of the items that should be noted when purchasing BBQ gloves are length, cost, or whether a guarantee comes with it. Choosing the best BBQ gloves is as easy as knowing what you want from them. If you need to deal regularly with hot pots, foods, pizza stones, pans, and grill gates, protective gloves are considered the best solution. Remember that wearing one can make a significant difference in overall safety. The best barbecue gloves you can trust can make your experience even more convenient, whether you just need to stir the coals, adjust the logs, pick brisket from the flames using your hands, or move hot pans and grates. It can make the entire process fun as the protection of your hands is assured.

Is It Important To Be Waterproof For The Gloves?

Some people believe this is a major feature, but we must remember that different types of oils and steam are included in the grill. The gloves won’t have the same resistance to these materials over time if they aren’t waterproof. If your gloves are not waterproof and get soaked in the rain, they will lose their heat resistance, and in effect, will burn your hands.

Products Of High Quality

When you buy a new pair of gloves, you need to learn what kind of material you’re looking for:


100% Silicone
These are very popular in the glove industry, are easy to clean, and are often very strong in terms of heat resistance. These gloves are usually made of silicone or neoprene both, at times consisting of polyester or cotton as well. If you want to protect yourself when grilling, they are the best choice.


Nomex or Kevlar Base with Silicone Pads
Ideal for hot chimneys, charcoal, hot water, and firewood burning. They are extremely flexible and comfortable. When they are wet, it is not recommended to use them, as you may end up being burned.


Leather or Suede
Ideal for handling items like cauldrons, grills, or charcoal. They’re really nice, but hard to clean as washing causes premature wear.

How Comfortable Are The Gloves?

When people are looking for barbecue gloves, they often look for heat-resistant materials, and it is not common to see people go after comfortable gloves. Comfort is an important aspect when cooking because you expect to have fun with your family, and sometimes uncomfortable gloves will not produce the desired results. Note that it takes time to barbecue, so think of wearing something you’d be happy with for a long time.

Food Handling And Safety

In a way, this is self-explaining. Consider going for a couple of gloves that make it easy to handle food. When it comes to food handling, some gloves can be dangerous and they can leave chemicals on the food. So be sure to know your gloves’ features.


You also need to be aware of how difficult it could be to clean them. Some materials are very hard to clean, so you have to be patient when cleaning, and if you wash them too much, some of them may be damaged.

Your Gloves Durability

The glove’s strength depends on the material you select. You will have to pay more if you want to invest in suitable gloves, and in the long run, it would be better because they will last longer and will probably be safer than some of the cheaper items.


There are many different types in the market. Brands tend to try to make their products stand out from the crowd with big words. This can confuse things far more than they should be. It is important to keep in mind when buying gloves that you need to buy them for your specific needs and that they need to match your requirements.